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Nurturing the Nature for Better Future
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Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation Volunteers have initiated to work towards the following :

  • Create awareness about the hazards of environment degradation

  • Educate the rural mass about the importance of community development to achieve environmental protection
  • Planting and protecting trees, restore and develop greenery in the rural areas
  • Nurture saplings planted during the campaign
  • Steps to increase ground water quality and level
  • Steps to maintain the quality of water bodies like ponds, tanks and lakes
  • Support renewable sources of energy like solar energy, bio-fuels, etc
  • Adopt and develop backward villages to better the living standards
  • Create awareness and encourage cleanliness, sanitation and hygienic living conditions
  • Adopt rural schools and educate children beyond curriculum to inculcate social, cultural, scientific and research activities among the children
  • Create awareness about the advanced agricultural technologies and practice
  • Share with rural population the success stories through education and research centers
  • Use mobile documentary shows to make them optimize use of land and resources
  • Create rural self-employment opportunities
  • Develop cottage industries in order to stir the growth of rural economy
  • Sell various products of cottage industries, souvenirs, caps, T-shirts, shorts, accessories, etc
  • Help understand how the urban areas need and depend on the rural area outputs
  • Integration and dissemination of knowledge in educational, social, managerial, administrative and research fields
  • Grant adhoc or annual financial assistance to rural students based on the merits
  • Grant scholarships, prizes, medals, rewards and endowment for excellence in studies, agricultural innovations and best practices among the rural youth
  • Publish and circulate books, newspapers, journals, brochures, pamphlets and calendars

Essential water toxins in our context are mostly, animal waste, creature squanders, washing soap and agrochemicals like engineered composts, non-dissolvable pesticides, hormones and so on. These chemicals mingle with huge water bodies and ground water collections affecting water bodies and their basic usage in rural areas. All the weeds and plants that help water fight these pollutants are killed in the process. These polluted water elements ‘murder’ all living creatures and plants in and around the water. Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation team understands this destructive circle and has volunteered to spread the awareness against it.

Contribute towards this campaign today!

Small creepers, like tomato or pumpkin plants are seen by many of us on the road side. However, how many times do we stop and check who or how are these plants watered regularly? Poor families living nearby tend to live on these creepers on a daily basis. We have figured that these under-privileged homeless lives are more in need of healthy food sources. Our Trust has realized that the food they need, if it cannot be made affordable to them; at least they could grow these for themselves. These encroachers are never loved by professed edified individuals and by the Government administrations. However, at Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation we teach them to defy the rules of Love and understand how they should LIVE.

  • Agricultural efforts & practices among rural population needs more care, more manual labor and a lot of natural or organic pesticides.
  • Planting trees during a Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation campaign is not enough. We feel it is equally important to nurture and water the roots from time to time.
  • Rural agricultural methodologies are so archaic, that our farmers are yet to imbibe the optimized productive techniques.

Our experience tells us that wind and precipitation are not the only important components that cause soil disintegration. ‘Human Negligence’ is a mighty factor in there too. We at Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation feel soil disintegration is the significant issue seen among the poverty stricken environment.

Avoid Deforestation and Denudation of land.


We need your help to help others, see our causes

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Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.


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