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Adopting Rural Schools and Anganwadis

Adopting Rural Schools and Anganwadis

We intend are set out to adopt Rural Schools and Anganwadis in Ramanagara District. We have elaborate plans to impart education beyond curriculum. We are glad to inform that Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation has the necessary permission from the concerned Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) and the Deputy Director of Social Welfare Department for these activities.

Firstly, let us understand that it’s not that there are no schools in the villages, there are but the locations of majority of the schools are out of reach for many who are interested. Secondly the main culprit is poverty which plays a major role, and for this we need to work hands. The families prefer to send their kids to work with the mindset such that more hands to work means more money for food and clothing. Thirdly, it’s the lack of proper infrastructure that doesn’t encourage the children to attend classes. There are no proper classrooms, equipments, and the worst of all there are no proper toilets especially for the girl child. To improve the situation calls for lot of activities from our part.


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