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Afforestation Drive by Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation

Afforestation Drive by Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation

As a part of the Afforestation Drive, Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation planted more than 3000 saplings at Arobele Reservoir Project on 17th and 18th June 2017. There were group of 36 volunteers who participated in the program.

Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation arranges such activities to make the environment healthier and which will reduce carbon content in the atmosphere. These activities will create awareness among public especially among younger generation about the importance of trees for mankind.

Planting saplings at this season just with onset of monsoon is always a good idea. The survival chance of the saplings becomes higher and they can grow to become trees.

The benefits of trees are manifold:
1. Reduces soil erosion and the fear of floods.
2. Increases the oxygen level in the atmosphere, reducing the carbon foot print.
3. Respiratory problems will come down. Stress level will reduce.
4. Trees are home for many animals and birds.
5. Conserves energy and water
6. Prevents water and air pollution

Parisara Abhivrudhi Foundation will be undertaking many more such afforestation drives. There is opportunity for all of you to contribute to Nature! Become a volunteer and/or donate.


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